Benner’s Banner Year: 2018 in the Rearview

Top 10 Highlights of 2018

This past year has been been an amazing one. We’ve accomplished so much in terms of philanthropy, embracing innovations, implementing the most current auto repair technologies, and obtaining certifications that make us the area’s choice auto body shop.

Here are our top 10 biggest highlights of 2018 we’d like to share:

  1. We became a Tesla-Approved Body Shop.

tesla logo on car

This was a huge inaugural year for us as we repaired nearly 300 Teslas. Becoming a Tesla-Approved Body Shop is Tesla’s highest level certification. Each Tesla-Approved Body Shop is rigorously factory trained, assessed, and equipped to rebuild Tesla vehicles to the original vehicle specifications for structural integrity and quality of finish. Further, our aluminum welding capability is evaluated to ensure all welded joints as well as adhesive and mechanical jointing technology are guaranteed to meet Tesla’s OEM specs.

  1. We repaired and delivered 2,700 cars back to their happy owners.

employees working on a car

We always hate to see our clients go through something as traumatic as a car accident or have their vehicle damaged. But, we love being on the other end of the experience, helping to repair their cars and alleviate some of the stress brought about by the incident. In 2018, we were proud to report that we got more than 2,700 vehicles back on the roads.

  1. We’re getting noticed by industry magazines.

In 2018, we were featured in a handful of industry publications for our expertise, superior service, and drive to be the best.

Auto Body Repair Network gave us a nod for our continued efforts to embrace the latest vehicle innovations and implement the most up-to-date repair technologies, including achieving Tesla’s OEM repair certification.

Body Shop Business reached out to us for our expertise, asking us to weigh in on what advanced materials we use in our shop; and Fender Bender and other industry publications featured Benner’s for our good work. We look forward to getting even more press in 2019.

  1. Our first year using BASF Glasurit paint was a smash success.

person working on paint job

BASF Glasurit paint totes a reputation as the best auto paint available in the industry. Specifically, it’s German-engineered paint known for its unrivaled quality, curing times, and superbly smooth finish—and we couldn’t argue the results. Our technicians were blown away with the quality and appearance, and our clients just loved the way their cars looked with a fresh coat of Glasurit. Adding this paint to our offerings was definitely a highlight for us in 2018.  

  1. We helped raise $85,000 at the National Auto Body Council’s charity golf outing.

charity golf event

Another highlight of 2018 that we are particularly proud of was cochairing National Auto Body Council’s golf outing supporting local veterans and raising more than $85,000 at the event. We can’t wait for the 2019 golf outing and continuing to help those in need.

  1. We donated two vehicles to local veterans in need.

Joe O'Neil with recipient of donated car

In our ongoing effort to honor, support, and lift up New Jersey vets in need, we donated two cars this year to two men who selflessly served our nation. Through the NJ Veterans Network, we were connected with these Americans and were able to give back to them.  To read more about one vet we were able to help, make sure to read our blog on NJ marine and father of four, Mike Perise.  

  1. We continued our long-standing relationship with Geico, All State, and New Jersey Manufacturers.

Benners sign with Geico Sign

In 2018, we repaired more than 1,250 cars for Geico—more than 1,000 drivable cars and about 250 non-drivable cars. We also delivered 350 jobs for New Jersey Manufacturers and an additional 350 for All State Insurance. We love working with these insurance companies and helping our customers get back in the driver’s seat.

  1. We were recognized by the Union County Freeholders for our philanthropy.

Union County Freeholders

In May 2018, Benner’s Owner Joe O’Neill Jr. was honored by the Union County Freeholders for his commendable work with veterans and charitable partnerships aimed at improving the quality of life for local vets.

  1. We participated in our first PCNY Turkey Drive as sponsors.

Picture of cars with Turkey decals

We celebrated Thanksgiving a little differently in 2018. We decided to spread our holiday cheer by sponsoring and participating in PCNY’s annual turkey drive and exotic car rally through the tristate area.

  1. We helped Lincoln Tech students build a dragster.

dragster built with partnership

At Benner’s, strongly believe in the trades industry and want to give back in any way we can. This past year, we invested in our local automotive tradesmen at Lincoln Tech Institute for automotive, HVAC, and electrical training. Lincoln Tech’s students, preparing to become auto technicians and mechanics, were working on building a dragster and approached us for the finishing touches. We happily donated the light body work and paint job it required—the only aspects of the school did not teach in its program.

The results were awesome and we were so glad to participate in such a unique project. Looking forward to hiring some Lincoln Tech graduates in the future!