Introducing Enzo the Frenchie

We wanted to take a moment to formally introduce you to Enzo the French Bulldog, arguably the hardest working (and hand-down the most adorable) employee at Benner’s Auto Body shop. Owned by Joe O’Neill Jr., owner of Benner’s Auto Body, Enzo is responsible for customer relations, greeting visitors at reception, providing customer support, and managing the company’s positive image.  

enzo working

Often times, our customers come to us during vulnerable times in their lives, distraught from a recent car accident—in need of mechanical repair, collision repair, or scratch repair. As a loyal companion and employee eager to please, Enzo greets every customer with a smile on his face and his nub tail wagging. Every day, Enzo brings a little bit of stress relief to those who’ve just experienced a car accident or incident with their vehicle, and joy to every person who walk through our doors.

Enzo is also largely responsible for client retention. Because of his cheery disposition and welcoming demeanor, everyone loves coming back to visit the famous Frenchie when they get their annual car detail or Glasurit paint touch-up.

Enzo was born Feb. 12, 2017. He came home with Joe Jr. three months later, and from that day forward, Enzo has accompanied Joe Jr. to work. By age one, Enzo was promoted to Joe Jr.’s right-hand man and Benner’s unofficial mascot.

enzo shirts

Enzo has a record of perfect attendance, stellar customer service, and impeccable style. Joe Jr. and Enzo often coordinate their outfits so that Enzo’s harness or collar matches Joe’s shoes. (Not only is Enzo one of Benner’s top employees, he also ranks among the most fashionable.)

So, next time you’re in, make sure to stop by reception to give Enzo a paw shake and a head pat. You’ll make his day, and we’re certain he’ll make yours!