Benner’s Employee Feature: Head Painter Carlos Feliciano

What makes Benner’s Auto Body so special is not only the exceptional work we do for our customers, but also the team of employees we have here that are truly like a family.  Our success and customer satisfaction would not be possible without so many of skilled and talented employees we have on our team.  

This month we would like to recognize an important team member, Carlos Feliciano, Head Painter, here at Benner’s Auto Body.  Carlos has been working at Benner’s for eight years, and it is safe to say that the shop would not function without him.

As Joe O’Neill Jr., Benner’s Auto Body Owner explains, “As our shop has grown, Carlos has grown with the shop as well.  We have been able to take our work at to the next level because of Carlos’ skill. There is no job that he can’t tackle.”  

But that is not what only makes Carlos stand out.  As Joe Jr. and his coworkers can attest Carlos is always positive, with a smile on his face, and in good spirits.  In speaking with Carlos, it is evident that his soft spoken calm disposition comes through. When asking what he values most about working at Benner’s Carlos explains, “We are a family.  Everyone here cares about one another and helps each other out, not only to produce the highest quality work, but personally as well.  

“He is like my brother.” explains Juan Henriquez, Benner’s Prep Technician.  “He is a great friend but he also teaches me a lot.”

Carlos feels that he is able to do the exceptional work he does because of the good communication and friendship between the employees, and Joe Jr.  As he says happily, “Joe Jr. is the best boss, owner, manager and friend.” He explains that Benner’s invests in the highest quality materials and paint.  “So, I could not do the job I do without Benner’s as well.”

Juan Paul, Benner’s Body Technician mentions that what makes Carlos stand out to him is his faith and religion.  “He is a friendly guy who you can talk to you about anything.  Any problem you might have personally and professionally, Carlos is there to help.”

We are honored to have Carlos on our team and to be able to recognize the value he brings to our customers and coworkers.  At Benner’s Auto Body we are a family run business and proud that Carlos Feliciano is part of our family.