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Routine car maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Regular maintenance checks can help you save money on more serious car repairs in the future. Here at Benner’s Auto Body, we offer full mechanical services to residents in the Cranford, New Jersey area.

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Routine Car Maintenance in Union County NJ

Wheel Alignments

When the alignment of your tires is off, it can cause major problems for you on the road. Sometimes it can be hard to notice when the alignment isn’t right, but in most cases you will notice that you are heading towards one side of the road or your wheel is vibrating. That is why it’s important to schedule regular wheel alignment appointments with us.

Wheel Repair

We can repair your wheels for scrapes, scratches, gouges, cracks and bends. Wheel repair services will keep your vehicle looking great and running smoothly. Benner’s Auto Body can either refinish or replace your wheel depending on your car’s needs.


Benner’s Auto Body provides tire services to customers looking to switch their tires for the winter weather. We also can change your tires back to summer tires whenever you decide. It is important to change your tires with the seasons to avoid the wear and tear that will decrease the performance of your car.


The suspension on your car is very important because it manages road holding and handling. Suspensions control the maneuvers of your car and helps minimize bumps, vibrations and noise. We can help evaluate your steering and suspension components to make sure they are in good shape or if they need replacement, so that your suspension maximizes driver and passenger comfort.

Check Engine Lights

There are a number of reasons your check engine light could be on. It could be that your oxygen sensor needs replacing, your gas cap is loose, damage or missing, your catalytic converter needs replacing, your mass airflow sensor needs replacing, or your spark plugs or plug wires need replacing. We can provide all of these services for replacements and get your check engine light off as quickly as possible to get your car running smoothly again.


Bring in Your Car for Routine Maintenance

If you believe your vehicle could benefit from any of our mechanical services, be sure to contact us today: (908) 276-1111. As a Gold Class® collision repair business, our technicians are highly trained and experienced with the latest technology and procedures to get you on the road quickly and safely.

Additional Repair Services