Aluminum Repair

Minor or major collisions that occur to your aluminum vehicle are very different types of collisions and repairs compared to a steel vehicle. If your aluminum vehicle is in a collision you need to take it to an aluminum approved auto body shop like Benner’s Auto Body. These types of vehicles require technicians that have the specialized training and tools that we offer so that it can be returned correctly to its original state.

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Aluminum Repair Services in New Jersey

Difference in Aluminum Vehicle Repair

Repairing and welding steel is a very different repair process than aluminum repair services. For the aluminum repair process, our technicians have first off been trained in structural lightweight aluminum repair. Aluminum is a much lighter metal so it is much harder to coax it back into its original shape, curve and style. It is also much more difficult to weld aluminum than it is steel because aluminum conduces heat more than steel does. Our technicians have been trained to avoid overheating aluminum and get it back to its original state as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Specialized Aluminum Repair Services

The Ford F-150 is the first car of its kind to use all aluminum rather than steel. We offer services to repair all Ford F-150s and all other aluminum vehicles. Benner’s Auto Body Shop is a Certified Aluminum Repair Shop for the Ford F-150. We have invested in both our equipment and technicians at Benner’s Auto Body so that we can be ahead and more experienced than other auto body shops when it comes to aluminum repair.

Additional Repair Services